Purses are strictly fashion accessories where functionality and practicality come second after looks. For men, however, bags are mostly associated with storage and organizational system in which they can carry plenty of items in practical manner. With that being said, everything that you wear represents a little bit of yourself. Even when you have no intention to make fashion statement with your bag, everybody else seems to have an excellent talent to be fashion critics and judge your personality by the bag you carry. In case you have not noticed, there is a wide men’s fashion world out there beyond the territory which was once occupied by backpack. You have more options for a portable storage system nowadays, with at least 3 predominant models including satchel, messenger, and briefcase. Now you can get rid of your old beaten-up backpack and upgrade your style with any of them.

Messenger and satchel are essentially the same things, but with a little bit difference in terms of wearing etiquette. The former is designed to be worn on the back, while the latter should be worn on one’s side. As the name suggests, messenger bag was traditionally worn by couriers or mailmen. It is worn on the back with the main purpose to facilitate bicycling. Compared to satchel, messenger is typically made from stronger material to live up to its traditional reputation. The bag has to be durable and weather resistant to protect all the important documents and packages inside on the delivery.

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Both messenger and satchel are worn across your body. Each has a long strap, so you can carry them on your shoulder. Put in mind that the long strap should reach the hips; if you wear it too short and you simply put it on your shoulder (not across the body), there is the impression of woman’s big handbag. Most of them are square, but there are also some models with rectangular shape. Unlike backpack, messenger and satchel look like professional laptop bags. As a bonus, these bags help you avoid looking like a dull big college boy

In the more professional territory, a man always has the option to use a briefcase. For many decades, briefcase has always been the symbol of professional circles, but it has recently become more relaxed attire. Modern briefcases are far from the commonly associated image of stern rectangular leather object that your father and grandfather used to carry to the bank. Despite its transformation into a more casual article, the functions remain the same. A briefcase offers more storage space and with several compartments for organizational system. It is still professional-related to tell the world that you are organized office-type person. The biggest difference between briefcase and messenger/satchel is the lack of hands-free strap. Briefcase has a carry handle and its overall construction should be rigid enough, allowing it to sit straight when put on a table or a floor

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